It's at the age of 16 years that Isaa Kaim will start to do her arms by playing in different groups but also by multiplying the castings.
She will follow the collaborations and then make at the age of 21 the meeting to determine her professional future.
In fact, it's as a result of this meeting that she decides to make her passion her job and will only aim for one thing: to take out her first songs.

And it's in 2010 that this goal will be achieved with the release of his first album "No Limit", an album with rock/pop-rock sounds that shows us all the vocal particularity of Isaa Kaim who makes his signature: his deep and wide voice.

It's with this album that she will tread with an energy affirmed and overflowing the scenes of the most prestigious Parisian halls such as: Le Zebre, Le Gibus, La Scene Bastille but also L'Alhambra or the Elysee Montmartre and many more.
In 2013 will release his second album with still pop-rock sounds but with a touch of electro.
From this album releases the clip of the title a New Day which will be a great success to the public.

A new chapter is now being written for this French artist who has come to conquer North America!!!!